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Enterprise Driven Investing for Insurance Companies: The Hot Mess - and Future - of Asset Management

May 2017    by Bill Poutsiaka

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Investors of all types face constraints in meeting their investment objectives, but for insurance companies these limitations can be particularly onerous. Insurance company portfolios sit on the balance sheet of highly complex and regulated corporations, and are therefore subject to intense regulation and scrutiny. Without a process in place, investment teams may struggle to make optimal decisions among these myriad constraints. In this Dynamic Insight, we discuss Enterprise Driven Investing (“EDI”), an investment paradigm that improves processes and decision-making, and has the potential to enhance investment results. The goal of EDI is to achieve a high level of portfolio customization in the most financially efficient manner.  In a low return world achieving investment objectives is particularly difficult, but the adoption of an EDI framework may help insurance companies increase their chances of meeting investment objectives.

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