Our funds provide clients with the potential for stable returns with low correlation to broader asset classes. Balanced risk, diversification, liquidity and volatility are all integral to our process.

  • Low Correlation: Our flagship fund strives to generate attractive uncorrelated performance to broad asset classes through a variety of market conditions.
  • Risk Weighting: Balancing risk at the fund and manager level is instrumental to our process.
  • Diversification: With low correlation to broad asset classes our funds have the potential to act as true portfolio diversifiers.
  • Liquidity: Daily positions are monitored to optimize liquidity. We view liquidity as paramount to effective risk management.
  • Stable Volatility: A focus on capital preservation seeks to help our investors minimize drawdowns to more effectively compound returns in their portfolio.
  • Our market neutral, multi-strategy platform is our competitive advantage.
  • We utilize data analytics to help managers make more intelligent decisions with the goal of generating absolute returns. 
  • Our quantitative tools help managers visualize their portfolios so they can understand their investment patterns, effectively diversify the portfolios and improve decision making.
  • Our allocation committee deploys capital across the investment strategies in an effort to efficiently align risk with opportunity and project our forward-looking convictions into the portfolio.
  • Our cutting-edge technology infrastructure enables seamless integration of all aspects of our operations.
  • The Weiss Data Science team has built proprietary, collaborative tools to help foster understanding across the strategies and portfolio levels. A granular view of the portfolio down to the position allows us to establish robust risk awareness and controls.
  • Fund level: the analytics tools provide detailed fund analysis on strategy correlations and exposures for a top-down review by the risk committee.
  • Strategy level: we carefully monitor our strategies using daily P&L, holdings and intraday trades to make managers aware of exposures and movements within their portfolios.
  • Position level: we have implemented rules and guidelines with the objective of ensuring that each holding complies with risk sets, drives portfolio liquidity and fosters diversity objectives at the portfolio level.

Our strategies seek to provide a risk optimized portfolio to alternative and traditional risk assets. Our strategies have historically offered steady, persistent and highly attractive risk adjusted returns, and are available to institutional, insurance, reinsurance and retail investors. Our clients are our top priority. We are focused on forming long-term strategic relationships and providing partners with total transparency and accessibility.

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