Weiss' goal is to offer core portfolio investment solutions that provide stable, risk-adjusted returns that are uncorrelated to broader markets. We offer both classic multi-strategy investment vehicles as well as bespoke solutions intended to help investors achieve their financial objectives in a variety of market conditions.

Weiss' Investment Solutions

Weiss views the stewardship of client assets as our top priority and is committed to offering our investors innovative investment products. Conforming to the industry’s highest standards, and in accordance with our own strict guidelines, we endeavor to create solutions that adapt to the ever changing investment landscape.

Weiss' Offerings

Weiss' current offerings include private investment funds and separately managed accounts. In addition, Weiss appreciates certain investors’ unique needs and will work with them to create customized solutions.

Weiss' Clients

Weiss' client base ranges from the large institutional investor to the high net worth individual. Our portfolio managers invest each dollar as if it were their own because our portfolio managers are also clients. We view managing client assets as an honor and as such, our investor relations group strives to provide exemplary client service.

Funds' Performance

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