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Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLC

Weiss is an asset management firm with a 40 year history, through its affiliates. We are focused on our innovative investment process, cutting-edge thought leadership and a constant commitment to philanthropy.


Key Dates In Our Firm's History



  • Principal Protected Notes
  • In October 2019, the first Principal Protected Note linked to the upside total returns of the Weiss Alpha Balanced Risk strategy was issued by an Investment Grade rated bank.


  • Enhanced Global Macro Fund LLC
  • In November 2018, Weiss Enhanced Global Macro Fund LLC is launched as a standalone fund and opened to outside capital.
  • 40th Year Anniversary
  • On October 1st, 2018 Weiss celebrated it's 40th year anniversary, making Weiss one of the few alternative asset managers to reach such a milestone!


  • Somerset Re
  • Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLC is appointed capital account manager and portfolio adviser of Somerset Re, an independently rated life reinsurance company providing customized risk management solutions to life insurance companies.


  • Weiss Alpha Balanced Risk strategy
  • In an effort to address the low interest rate environment, and increased market volatility, the Weiss Alpha Balanced Risk strategy is launched.
  • Weiss Insurance Partners (Cayman) Ltd.
  • In April 2015, Weiss Insurance Partners (Cayman) Ltd. is launched.


  • Weiss Multi-Strategy Partners LLC
  • In October 2006, the flagship multi-strategy fund, Weiss Multi-Strategy Partners LLC, is launched and opened to outside capital.
  • Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLC
  • Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLC was founded.


  • 1990s
  • GWA, Inc. opens New York City headquarters and began managing its proprietary capital fund with four strategies.


  • 1980s
  • GWA, Inc. adopts an in-house, fundamental, multi-strategy approach to investing, adding additional portfolio strategies to its platform.


  • George Weiss Associates, Inc. is founded
  • George Weiss Associates, Inc. ("GWA, Inc.") is founded in Hartford, CT as a brokerage and trading firm, providing a market neutral strategy primarily for insurance company clients.




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November 2019 / Market Webinars

November 14, 2019 Market Color Webinar

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Successful navigation of financial markets requires an adaptive, forward-looking approach.

Our flagship multi-strategy fund is market neutral and adapts to changing market conditions. It generates the potential for attractive returns with low correlation to other assets, capable of providing true portfolio diversification.


We Care About Education

Almost 30 years ago, George Weiss told 112 sixth graders at a Philadelphia public school that if they graduated from high school, he would pay for their college education. This promise turned into Say Yes to Education, which today impacts 140,000 children throughout the United States.


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