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Ed Hyman & Jordi Visser Fireside Chat [VIDEO]

Jordi Visser

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In the backdrop of domestic housing prices being up, the S&P 500 being up, nominal GDP being up, and corporate profits being up, there's little conviction about the global economy. In this fireside chat, Ed and Jordi peel back the curtain to look at the critical issues about which they believe investors should be considering.



Some of the topics of discussion include:

  • The bottlenecks in supply chains and the un-synchronized reopening of the global economy
  • The implications of Evergrande's implosion and the potential for contagion
  • As a self-proclaimed deflationista, Jordi shares why he believes inflation will be persistently higher
  • The implications of mRNA and CRISPR technologies as software updates for the body
  • Finally, Ed and Jordi talk about what blockchain, AI, robotics, and 3-d printing might mean for labor shortages

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