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From Rolling Anxiety to the Bounce [VIDEO]

Jordi Visser

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Weiss President and CIO, Jordi Visser, regularly produces videos that provide a real-time interpretation of the market's most critical developments. 

In his most recent video, Jordi connects the themes from his last video with the shifting dynamics we are now seeing in global markets. This has been a year of unsynchronized vaccinations, unsynchronized growth, and unsynchronized re-openings. However, with Asia now coming out of lockdown, the key theme that investors should be positioning around is peak bottlenecks.


Jordi believes investors would be well-positioned to reorient themselves away from the rolling anxieties of Covid, power prices, property fears in China, or stagflation fears and instead reorient their focus on the bounce.

Domestically, the dollar has weakened, and Jordi opines that he expects it to continue to face headwinds due to commodity prices and a Federal Reserve that will continue easing while other central banks are beginning to tighten. Jordi believes this will make for a breakdown in the correlation of global inflation in 2022, with US inflation likely to be stickier than other developed countries.

Finally, Jordi discusses the implications of the latest market data for quant funds and discretionary fund managers if more companies outperform the S&P 1500, as is his expectation.