Our Most Popular Podcasts in the First Half of 2022

Jordi Visser

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Consistent with its mission to invest in people, partnerships, and a purposeful future, Weiss launched a weekly podcast, In Search of Green Marbles, in November 2021. In each episode, Weiss leaders provide differentiated insights (i.e., green marbles) that aim to help institutional investors, financial advisors, and individuals identify actionable investment themes amidst the noise in today’s market environment. Below are our most popular episodes thus far in 2022.

Episode 30 Synopsis: Jordi and G3 talk about relativity. Not in an Einstein way, but in a market context way. Because the price of an asset–whether it’s a stock or a bond or a barrel of oil–often tells a much different story about market conditions when that price is compared to another asset or a moment in time.


Episode 35 Synopsis: Despite the Fed still jawboning about inflation, Jordi Visser is looking at things differently. Jordi and G3 talk about data-related growth, inflation, and debt and why, in his view, we aren't headed into a 1970s-style period any time soon.


Episode 17 Synopsis: Mike Edwards outlines the most important aspects to focus on when analyzing the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. He walks through some of the key issues that he believes made the timing of Russia’s invasion strategic.


Episode 33 Synopsis: The Fed raised interest rates by 75 bps, the first time the Fed has hiked by that amount since November 1994. Weiss's bond expert, Lundy Wright, weighs in and comments on the Fed’s actions and role more broadly.


Episode 22 Synopsis: Concentration is the phenomenon in which portfolios have risk clumped together in a small number of large positions. Mike Edwards and Jordi Visser dive deeper into a joint conversation and analysis in this podcast.



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