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 Volatility or rotation?

Rotation or Systemic? [VIDEO]

Volatility, Video, Rotation, Mean reversion

 In Search of Green Marbles

E12 - Nothing Will Stop Crypto This Year

Cryptocurrencies, Podcast, Bubbles, Defi

Q4 2021 Commentary

Inflation, Equities, Bonds

E11 - Jordi Time Traveled to Dec. 2022. Here's What Happened

Inflation, Cryptocurrencies, Podcast, Technology

Releasing the Bond Volatility Genie Out of the Bottle [VIDEO]

Volatility, Video, Bonds, Credit

E10 - Juggling & Rabbit Hole Learning: Discussing Jordi's New Paper

Cryptocurrencies, Podcast, Economics

Juggling and Rabbit Hole Learning to the Merge

Web 3.0, Nfts, Research, Blockchain

E9: Replay of Horse Racing & Trading

Kentucky derby, Trading, Podcast

E8: AQ, the Superior Sibling of IQ and EQ

Podcast, Aq, Eq, Iq

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