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September 2021 Monthly Review

Monthly review, Commodities, Fx

Evergrande Anxiety [VIDEO]

Video, Commodities, Asia, Evergrande

Ed Hyman & Jordi Visser Fireside Chat [VIDEO]

Inflation, Video, Unemployment

August 2021 Monthly Review

Economics, Monthly review, Delta

Alternative Yield [VIDEO]

Inflation, Yield, Video

The Lockdown Slowdown [VIDEO]

Covid, Video, U.s. dollar, Lockdown, Pmi

AQ and Tex: The Next Big Trade

Inflation, Market environment, Dollar weakening, Economics, Research

July 2021 Monthly Review

Covid, Vix, Monthly review

The Wisdom of the Markets vs. The Narrative of the Markets [VIDEO]

Inflation, Video, Ism, Mrna

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