Releasing the Bond Volatility Genie Out of the Bottle [VIDEO]

Jordi Visser

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Weiss President and CIO, Jordi Visser, regularly produces videos that provide a real-time interpretation of the market's most critical developments.

In his real-time video, Jordi takes listeners through what he believes to be some of the most important themes to start 2022. He highlights the impact of increased bond volatility coupled with uncertainty around rates will be very important. 


Across his analysis, Jordi focuses on:

  • The reasons oil and energy will be major stories again this year
  • The strength of the consumer
  • Drivers contributing to the "non-investability" of bonds including the reasons he expects volatility in this asset class to grind higher
  • The effects that weakness across credit could have within the equity market for the coming year. This corresponds with Jordi's belief that value will outperform growth.
  • Finally, Jordi speaks to the importance of Ethereum and Bitcoin to the coming regime

 As real yields continue to move up from historic lows, investors should expect that inflation will not lower to expectations. Thus, it is important not to underestimate the pressure inflation presents across the market.