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Supply Chain Disconnects are Driving Recession Fears [VIDEO]

Jordi Visser

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In this latest installment of Real-Time with Jordi Visser, Jordi discusses the growth in recession fears over the last several weeks due to volatile and lower moves in the equity market. Rather than react to headlines, Jordi presents his view that the rotation is a mid-cycle slowdown rather than a sign of an impending recession. He believes that the current period presents opportunities for investors who remain levelheaded.


Some key takeaways from this discussion include:

  • A look at the impact of supply chain disruptions.
  • Oil and the rate shocks in Q1 are key to the second quarter.
  • Jordi’s belief that the upcoming earnings period will be core to market stabilization. Jordi believes it will be important to pay attention to the homebuilders, retail, and transport. 
  • The Fed remains behind the curve.

Finally, Jordi believes that we will see the S&P travel to all-time highs by the end of the year.

About these videos: Our market videos seek to provide a data-focused interpretation of the market's most critical developments. Real-Time with Jordi Visser is a recurring series produced by our President and CIO based on his macro views. The purpose of his series is to isolate macroeconomic indicators (“green marbles”) that are telling the true story of the market, rather than relying on the narratives or stories often portrayed as news. Jordi is a unique thinker and tends to publish these videos during market dislocations/regime shifts when he sees areas where his views differ from consensus sentiment.