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The Wisdom of the Markets vs. The Narrative of the Markets [VIDEO]

Jordi Visser

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Weiss President and CIO, Jordi Visser, regularly produces videos that provide a real-time interpretation of the market's most critical developments.


In his most recent video, Jordi points out some recent things he got right and wrong while seeking to decipher between market narrative and market wisdom. Through this discussion, Jordi shares his views on potential ways to make money for the rest of the year.


Some highlights:

  • Jordi views the trade that will take us through the end of the year is the inflation vs. margin squeeze or the purchasing power story
  • He points to signs that inflation is likely to come off its highs but remains persistent, likely providing a tailwind for sectors that benefit from inflation
  • With the ISM supply figure around 53 and the ISM demand figure at 69, bottlenecks are likely to remain and this will carry on through the rest of the year
  • Finally, Jordi shares his views on a rare positive development coming out of the pandemic: with the accelerated development of mRNA technology. Jordi discusses how mRNA technology will better equip us to handle the next pandemic by providing a “software update” for our bodies