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Theatrics, Politics, and Limits of Inflation-Fighting [PODCAST]

Michael Edwards

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Today, we talk about the interaction between politics and inflation and whether markets, policymakers, and politicians are aligned or not when it comes to managing and messaging around this topic. Joining G3 is Mike Edwards, Weiss's Deputy CIO and resident policy expert at the Firm. Mike also knows quite a bit about politics, which like it or not, has to be part of the conversation given the pain Americans are feeling at the pump and the grocery store.



About: Consistent with its mission to invest in people, partnerships, and a purposeful future, Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers launched a weekly podcast, In Search of Green Marbles, in November 2021. In each episode, Weiss leaders provide differentiated insights (i.e., green marbles) that aim to help institutional investors, financial advisors, and individuals identify actionable investment themes amidst the noise in today’s market environment. Primary topics of discussion include exponential innovation, the US-China relationship, longevity’s impact on financial markets, and the latest economic themes. Hosted by G3, featured guests include Weiss President and CIO Jordi Visser, Deputy CIO Mike Edwards, and Senior Vice President and Portfolio Manager Lundy Wright.

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