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Why Weiss’s CIO Thinks the S&P 500 Will Hit All-Time Highs This Year

Institutional Investor

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The following is an excerpt from a recently published article in Institutional Investor by Julie Segal, which focuses on the views of our President and CIO, Jordi Visser. Most notably, Jordi argues that the S&P 500 will hit new highs this year.

It’s easy to see why even the most experienced investors and market strategists are bearish about the markets. But hedge fund manager Jordi Visser argues that the S&P 500 will hit new highs this year, despite Russia’s bloody war in Ukraine and the Federal Reserve’s increasingly hawkish stance on interest rates.   

While not discounting the human cost of the Ukraine invasion or the grisly prospect of a wider war, Visser said, “when World War III is a highly searched trend, it’s not the time to be bearish.” Visser, president and CIO of $4 billion Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers, said one gauge he looks at to forecast recessions is the 200-day moving average of the S&P. Speaking during his podcast, he said he assesses year-over-year data and watches for the rate of change to slow down. But right now “it’s pointed upward. Whenever it’s pointed upward, I view it as being in a bull market until we get a downward move, and we’re not there,” he said. 

The firm, a market neutral hedge fund pioneer, was founded 40 years ago by George Weiss. It recently restructured around the concept of integrating human portfolio managers with a data science approach to investment decisions. 

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